I love creating original watercolor paintings, prints and and greeting cards. To view my gallery, click HERE.


After a 9+ year journey through Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease, my husband, Gary, went to Heaven in May of 2015. I wrote about our time together, and I'm continuing to review books, share articles and videos with you in the hope that they will help and inspire. Click HERE to learn more.


Hi, I'm Laurie... I am privileged to have been married for 40 years to a wonderful man named Gary.   I'm Sarah and April's mom, mom-in-law to 2 wonderful men, and grandma to 8 precious kids. I love them all like there's no tomorrow. I'm a sixteen-year cancer survivor, and I cared for my husband for nine years as he suffered from early onset Alzheimer’s Disease.   Gary is in Heaven now, and I enjoy watercolor painting, while learning how to be a widow.  One bliss, for me, is getting lost in my latest watercolor and blogging about Art, Family, Alzheimer's and the Lessons I'm learning.   My life is full of joys and difficulties, all different colors painted in my life for my good, by my Creator, whom I love and desire to serve above all else. " I have been young, and now I am old(er)" so perhaps my Colorful World can be of some very practical encouragement to you as your own life unfolds.  For the longer version, click HERE.