My two creative parents played a significant role in my love of the arts. My mother, an illustrator, and landscape painter, taught me to use color and design to communicate ideas. My photographer father taught me composition and pursuit of quality. They both encouraged me to think about things with an artistic eye, not with formal instruction so much, but rather from listening to their conversations, and participating in the countless artistic endeavors that would take over our home from time to time.

2011 11 November Cambria Moonstone Beach.JPG

Looking back over my formal education, I am grateful for a few excellent painting and illustrating instructors who believed in me and gave me the confidence to move forward with whatever media I enjoyed.

Raising a family and now, enjoying the grandchildren have provided endless opportunities to design and craft for others. Since I was a young girl, my hands were always busy making something, and now, during this chapter of my life, most of my designs and ideas spring from what I do for those I love and care about. As a twenty something, I fell in love with watercolor painting. Over the years, I have enjoyed designing and crafting custom stained glass windows, event florals, pen & ink drawings, and scratch boards, but every so often, the little box of watercolors pulled me back, and once again, I find myself with paintbrush in hand.


I reside in Southern California. My sun room is my studio, which I share with  my little orchid collection and a parakeets. One of the reasons it is my favorite room is that it’s where I go to design things that will bring a smile to someone’s face. It is my delight to do so.

I love people, thunderstorms, orchids, movie quotes, homemade granola, fondue and watching professional bull riding. Life is full of joys and difficulties, all different colors painted in my life for my good, by my Creator, who I love and serve above all else.