Watercolor Journal - Cherished Forever

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"It will be cherished forever." That's what P.G. said when she received the painting last week.  It was a gift from her husband.  Hummingbirds and African Violets hold a special place in his wife's heart.  Why?  Her mother had loved them first.   Her mom is no longer here, but now, P.G. waters the same plants and treasures the glass hummingbird “sun-catchers” that hung in her mother’s window.  It was my privilege to create this painting, a gift from her thoughtful husband, to keep the memory of her mother fresh.

"Let me tell you it is the most beautiful gift I have ever received. It is a beautiful compilation of so many meaningful elements. Thank you for making (my husband's) vision a reality. it will be cherished forever!!!  It is truly a magnificent piece of art! I only wish my Mom was here to see it...she would love it as well."  P.G.

Thoughts on my own treasured mom...

This project gave me pause to think about my own mother.  In the winter of her life she is as beautiful as ever.  Thankfully, my mom lives within walking distance of me, so I can still enjoy her smile, and kind heart.


My mom and I getting ready for Easter.  

My mom and I getting ready for Easter.


Let me conjure up some memories of my own.  My mother delights in so many things.  She’ll try anything and is the quintessential “good sport.”  She’d jump on our trampoline, teach the granddaughters how to cha-cha, and reads Uncle Remus with the perfect accent.  Her mobility may be limited, but her mind is active, serving my father, reading the Bible, and keeping track of her great-grandchildren’s birthdays.  She always wore a brightly colored hat for road-trip photos because it was “photogenic.”  When she puts scotch tape on a Christmas gift, the ends are folded down on themselves so there are “pull-tabs” to make it easy to open.  She made all our Halloween costumes from scratch, every year, and at age 90, just made herself a new apron with bluebird fabric to remind herself of the bluebirds that used to nest in their eaves.  I already think of my parents whenever I see a bluebird.

The real gift here, is not the painting, but the cherished mom, who inspired it and like my client, my mental treasuries are full, and I love my mom.