Classic Father's Day Car Rally

At my Etsy Store, where I sell watercolors, I have the opportunity to put together "Treasuries."  These are collections of interesting items, also for sale at  In coming up with a theme this week, I was thinking about Father's Day and Classic Cars, and all the car rally's we've been a part of.  So I decided to create a Treasury based on this theme.  I normally don't include these in my blog, but I do want to be a resource for "theme parties" and therefore, am including it for your inspiration.  Of course these ideas don't need to be limited to Father's Day only, but any guy's birthday would be fun to celebrate in this way.  I personally would never spend the kind of money needed to use these particular items, but thrift shops are great resources for party planning.  If you start WAY ahead, and see what's available you can come up with some great parties.  Build your theme about what you can FIND at the dollar store, or thrift shop.  Don't start with theme, and then go from store to store to store, unless you have unlimited funds.  With the internet, Ebay and Etsy are great resources too.   This Treasury is meant to inspire.  I don't get anything from it, except a little networking with other Etsy sellers.  I just wanted to share it with you.  Here's the link: