The Parentals Head West

Right now in Springville, Utah, my very sweet, elderly parents are enjoying their breakfast.  They are at the mid-point of their road trip to California from Bozeman, Montana.  This time their car is loaded with more than suitcases, for they are moving.  The moving van is on it's way, and the documents have been signed.  Everything has been done.  It may sound simple, but there are so many required steps to a move like this, and when you are 88 or 93, the details are overwhelming.

None of us, including my parents thought they would ever leave the Big Sky Country.  They have loved it for nearly 30 years.  But the winters, and the distance from family finally proved too much for these adventurous dear ones, and they decided to put their house on the market.  So, a couple months later, here they come.

I am tempted to make a list of how many answers to prayer that our family has experienced over the last few months regarding this "move."  I'll limit myself to two; a "Macro" and a "Micro" example.

Prayer for wisdom, and direction in what home to buy:  We all wanted them to join us in the Friendly Valley community.  It is "safe", beautiful, and convenient.  I've been watching properties here for some few months as they come on the market, and sell, or sit there.  When the time came for Mom and Dad to make an offer, there was only one house in our immediate neighborhood, that was a viable option, and it happened to be directly across the street from us.  God's providence is the explanation.  We couldn't have planned this any better.

Prayer for resolution of a potential problem with document signing:  Wednesday night, after the moving van was loaded, the floors vacuumed and the doors locked for the last time, while at Mom and Dad's friends', getting ready to eat dinner, and spend the night, they realized that Dad's wallet, containing his Drivers License was accidentally loaded into the moving van.  He would need his photo ID Thursday morning to sign over the deed, at the closing, as this is a notarized document.  Well, it was determined that the van was already 2 hours away.  After many phone calls and discussions, and contingency plans, we all decided to go to bed, and pray for a solution.  Turns out an affidavit can be filled out and witnessed that my dad is actually who he says he is.  When getting ready to leave the "closing", Mom asked about the affidavit.  The escrow officer said "Oh, I know these realtors so well.  If they say this is Bill, I believe them.  No problem."  I can't help but think this would not be such a simple solution in Los Angeles.  All I can say is: "Much ado about nothing."

My parents have said two very important things this week which I will always remember.  When asking my dad how things were going, he said, "We couldn't have done it without all the help." (referring to friends and neighbors)  When the problem with the missing Drivers License was resolved, my mom said, "Every time there is a road block, the Lord solves it and says, 'Will you trust Me again?'"  These two comments sum up so much of what the Christian life is about. Trusting God, when we can't see around the corner of the wall in front of us, and then accepting things as they unfold.  Doesn't Romans 8:28 say "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose."

What if the offer was not accepted on the house across the street?  What if the documents couldn't be signed without that Drivers License?  Would God be any less good?  Less powerful?  Less loving?  I have frequently prayed for things that would seem good, for others and for God's glory.  Like healing Gary, for instance. The answer is sometimes "No" or "Not yet".  When Jesus saved me, He brought me into his very own family.  I inherited "Every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places." (Eph.1)  Why would I, a fallen, weak, sinful creature, argue in my mind with my Creator?  How foolish would that be!  I am not perfect, or strong or able to understand everything that happens, but that is because God is God, and I am not.  We are not like Him.  Even though he makes us his sons and daughters by His incredible gift of salvation, He is not at out beckon call.  He is not Santa Claus.  BUT, He very graciously listens to us.   

"He set my feet upon a rock, making my footsteps firm.  He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God; Many will see and fear and will trust in the LORD.  How blessed is the man who has made the LORD his trust..."  Ps. 40: 3-4  I am not strong, but God is.  I don't know which way to "go", but God keeps my feet secure.   My glad heart is because of Him.

"He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him over for us all, how will He not also with Him freely give us all things?" Romans 8:32  That's it!  Once our eternal salvation is taken care of, which is the impossibly hardest thing ever done, why would I doubt that all other things are in His tender care as well. 

Right now, my parents are in His tender care, and I am eagerly awaiting their arrival.  Yes I am praying for them because God is listening to me.  I am His adopted daughter.  If something "goes wrong", that is not because God wasn't paying attention.  He will use it to accomplish His purposes in all of our lives.  It is to God that we look, for it is in Him that we "live and move and have our being." Acts 17:28

Our new neighbors.