Practical Joking 101 - Templeton

For those of you who are "humor challenged," fresh out of ideas for practical jokes, or just want to have a good laugh, keep an eye out for "Practical Joking 101."  Lately, I've been reminded of some of Gary's antics.  I decided to include some of them here on the blog.
Kathy wrote:  Hi Laurie, I read your post and the line about Gary having a practical joke up his sleeve made me remember the time I called him to come rescue me. Ric was out of town or something and I was 8 months pregnant with Jordan. While reading "Charlotte's Web" with Templeton the rat, I found a real rat at my feet! My 3 cats killed it but wouldn't take it outside. So I called Gary for help. So Gary and the girls came over and were laughing at me because by this time I was sitting on the top of the couch. So Gary picks up the rat by the tail, walks into my kitchen (and I can't see him by this time) and turns on the garbage disposal, and says, "Is this OK?" I vowed to call someone else the next time I was in trouble!  By the way, he didn't really put it down the garbage disposal!
  TIP:  It's not what you ACTUALLY did, it's what they THINK you did.