In case you are wondering about the title, you are invited to our Family Night!   Oh, it was last night.  Sorry we forgot to tell you ahead of time.  But anyway, I'll try to recreate it right now for you.  (at the end of the post, I'll give some planning tips.) Now, back to the Family Night...At 5:00pm last night, Our California grandchildren were assembled on the front porch with their parents, and my parents to read the sign. 

After everyone found their way around to our BACK door, and made adjustments to their clothing, backwards name tags were created.  
Some used the bathroom mirror, 
some made several attempts, 
and some got help from parents, but everyone found out this is not so easy...
We had an "inside-out" braid, Great-Grandparent participation and some "disturbing" alien-like sightings...

Of course, DESSERT must be served first, so Dinner began with Ice Cream Sandwiches.  What kid, (or adult) wouldn't like to do THIS!  Well, this was only the beginning.  After all the tummies were nearly full, from the sweets, it was time to come to the table.
It didn't take long for the kids to get into the spirit of things.  One of them said, "I am so sad I am not invited to this very terrible party."

Someone noticed the wacky centerpiece, and then the excitement level really went up as the kids noticed the place settings.  We ate out of baking pans and serving platters, and drank from sauce pans, tea pots, measuring cups, and flower vases.  The utensils were whatever crazy thing I could find.  Measuring spoons, ice cream scoop, salad tongs, etc.

After dinner, the kids and their parents were asked to supply the entertainment.  They had 15 minutes to prepare a play for us, based on the well known fairy tale:  ALLEREDNIC

  • 1 prop per person
  • Must reverse roles, such as a boy must play a girl's part, or a child must play an adult role
  • Scenes must be in reverse order.
To begin....a bow!
Allerednic at left, ready to dance with Prince Charming on right

Fairy Godmother gives Allerednic some "smelly slippers"
Poor Allerednic must clean the floor.

Seriously...If you ever want something fun to do with your kids, grandkids, or anyone you love....how about a backwards night!  Gary used to say "Eat dessert first because life is uncertain!"  Sometimes at dinner, when the kids were young, we would take turns "being the person on our left".  This was fun and very revealing!  Sometimes TOO revealing, but we had lots of laughs...We all need an excuse to do something crazy once in a while.  It doesn't take much effort at all, just get an idea in your head and run with it.  It doesn't have to be perfect, just fun! 

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