Watercolor Journals - Avast, Ye Hearties, Yo-Ho!

I must admit I really like the Pirates of the Caribbean movies!  Maybe because we got to visit the Florida Keys a few years ago, maybe it's the color of the water and the scenery, maybe it's the ride at Disneyland, which was always my favorite!  I love solving (shall I say, "trying to solve") puzzles too, hence the fun of finding a treasure map.  Remember the pirates in Swiss Family Robinson?  They got "creamed" by the entire Robinson clan.  How about the one in The Count of Monte Christo?  He turned out to be an asset!   And everyone remembers the endearing Long John Silver in Treasure Island.  Why are pirates so "loveable" anyway?  They were bad dudes! I think raising 2 daughters, I kind of missed out on some of the "boy adventures" but now, thanks to those 2 girls, we have 6, count em, 6 grandsons! So now I have multiple reasons to talk pirates, cowboys, bull riding, bugs and military aircraft.  I got kind of lost in this painting, imagining finding a treasure map, following the clues to the island with the big red X accompanied by a beautiful bird who makes funny comments and worrying a little about what might be in the kegs!  "By the powers, it be a good thing thar be a dinghy aboard so me matey, Derek, can be gettin from the ship to yonder island to find the booty over thar!  
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