My Road to Troas

This week has been characterized by God saying "No" to my plans. I did NOT get to order 2 Christmas gifts at a great discount.  I did NOT get to finish a painting when I had hoped to.  I did NOT get to keep my Chiropractor appointment.  That's been a little disappointing, but I am glad I had read Greg Harris's book The Cup and the Glory a couple of years ago.  There's a great chapter in it called "The Road."  From Acts 16, Dr. Harris explains how Paul set out to do several things, (GOOD things), and the Lord stopped/blocked/hindered him from doing so. Instead of Asia and Bythinia to minister, he ended up going on a 500 mile mountainous trek and found himself in Troas.  Early this week I reread Acts 16 in the Bible, and "The Road" chapter in the book.  Concerning his plans, Paul was "forbidden by the Holy Spirit"..."the Spirit of Jesus did not permit them..."  God's plan was for Paul to get to Troas.  That led to Macedonia, and ultimately, the writing of Philippeans!  Here's a few quotes I love from Greg Harris:              
"While a 'no' from God will not tell you where, it will tell you where not."G.H.
"Instead of 'no' highlighting deficiencies and limitations on our part, we can view it as the active work of our heavenly Father who masterminds the paths and timetable we are to travel, as well as the means necessary to bring us there."G.H.
"Two related items the road to Troas will reveal to you: the degree you really trust God, and the degree that you are pliable in His hand."G.H.
"While on the road to Troas, Paul had not the slightest indication of God's positive direction-and neither will we.  The Bible describes this as walking by faith, not by sight.  It is not at all easy, but you will not take many steps on the road without it." G.H.

I don't know what THIS week is going to look like, but I am determined to keep going, making plans, and walking WITH God.  He is here with me, and will lead me with the "NO's" just like the "YES's."

Happy walking along your unique "roads"!