Practical Joking 101 - Wedding Love

Weddings are a great place for showing off your practical joking skills.  In fact, Gary used to keep a package of black, plastic ants in his suit jacket for placing a few on the Cake table when no one was looking at nearly every wedding.  That was "fun", but when our daughters' babysitter, Diana got married, back in the 80's, this called for something bigger.  Diana, was more than a babysitter.  She and her fiance Rich were our friends.  The wedding was beautiful.  Everything was perfect.

During the reception, Gary disappeared for a while then rejoined the party.  The time came to send the couple off on their honeymoon.  Goodbyes, kisses, and waves complete, the best man started the engine of the borrowed car, and ...

I think Gary even surprised himself at the amount of orange smoke which billowed from the engine area when the car was started.  (The Army surplus store had been one of Gary's favorite "toy stores".  The smoke signaling flare had followed him home one day.)  It was amazing how fast the Bride and Groom were able to jump out of the car, and the guests stood around for some time trying to assign blame.  I seem to remember one of the groomsmen, Diana's brother-in-law, getting tagged for it at the time.

Anyway, if you ever had a Gary Price practical joke played on you, it likely caused you no small inconvenience, but it's because he loved you, as he loves this dear couple who, unbelievably, are dear friends to this day.

Diana, Rich and Gary in 2010