Gary's World in the 60's

Recently, my friend Glenna, helped me by scanning hundreds of our 35mm color slides to make digital copies.  This project resulted in some very special photos from both sides of our family, going back to the mid 60's.  Gary's childhood and teen years were so fun to look at, because I had only seen a few of them.  I couldn't wait to post some just because...

Gary got his first ( but not last) ticket for riding his illegal bike on the street.
His dad allowed him to dissect an engine.

Gordon and Gary, before the dance lessons.

I don't know what I think about this.

Gary's beautiful English mother, Rachel

 The Prices visit Boulder Dam.

1966 Fashion

Yellowstone Bear Jam...used to be a common occurrence back in the day.
At the B&W Resort in the Sacramento Delta area

The most Price Family photos by far were devoted to waterskiing and boat building.  The Price family built their own jet ski boat, one of a couple built with a friend who was hoping to manufacture them.  Later Gary's dad gave us the boat, and oh the fun we had with it.  I'm including just a few of these boat building photos.  If you get bored...just scroll down to the very last one!  It's my favorite of the entire box of slides!

Gary's dad, Tom Price builds a boat.

Plywood and Fiberglass

1-2-3 Lift

Gary said he and his brother, spent days and days, sanding the surface.

Maiden voyage at Hansen Dam Lake!
Two years later, finished.

Gordon and Gary take her for a ride.

Heading home, with boat in tow, in the bed of the pick-up, Gary inspects his guns.