Practical Joking 101 - Cowboys and Perfume

What do perfume and cowboys have in common?  Let me tell you.  Quite a bit, in Gary’s world. 

Click  HERE  for info on MSU rodeos. 

Click HERE for info on MSU rodeos. 

It all started with a Rodeo.  We were on our way to the College National Finals Rodeo in Bozeman, Montana with my parents in the early 80’s.  On the way to the arena, Gary and I were having a “tiff” over something silly.  Anyway, when we arrived in an effort to have the last word, I grabbed my little perfume spray from my purse and sprayed him!    He looked at me and said “LAURIE!  NOW I HAVE TO GO TO A RODEO SMELLING LIKE A GIRL!!!!”  We both started laughing and the argument was over but Gary felt conspicuous all night. 

Well, Gary was never one to be outdone with the practical jokes, so ever since then, he was on the look-out for how to get back at me.  This expanded into months, and years.  The area most advantageous to him for this endeavor were the fragrance counters at department stores.  EVERY time we went to the mall, I needed to be on guard that I not get to close to Gary and the men’s cologne testers.   Even our girls learned that they could end up wearing men's cologne if they weren’t careful.  They enjoyed trying to get him close enough to the PERFUME testers too get back at him too. 



Ok, now, let me tell you what he did to me just a couple of weeks ago.  At least I'm pretty sure it was him!  I was on a little get-away with Sarah, for a couple days in Santa Barbara.  One evening, I pulled out my toiletries bag, and sprayed some perfume on myself. However, it smelled like men’s cologne, and we debated if it was perfume or cologne.  After Googling it, we found that "Allure" by Channel is indeed....MEN'S COLOGNE!!!!  I have a feeling that years ago, Gary put that in MY toiletries bag, (not HIS), trying to trick me!  Well, IT WORKED!  And best of all, gave Sarah and I a good laugh as we remembered the fun times with Gary.  How we love him.

He would be glad to know his pranks continue, even though bed-bound.  AMAZING!