Flowers in the Wilderness

One of the HUGE blessings of our Alzheimer's journey has been the refreshing, and fulfilling opportunity to be creative again.  It would be hard to explain how much it means to me to be able to paint my watercolors and share them with you.  Each painting is a little "vacation from my problems," to quote Bob Wiley.  It gives me time to reflect, and learn from life.  Once finished I get the privilege of bringing joy to you, my friends, through my art.  If Gary weren't sick, I would probably not have found my love of painting again. 

This little two minute video explains the "Why" behind Colors By Laurie.  Our friend, Jason made it for me.  He is the young man that lived with us for 6 months to help Gary.  (For more on that story see HERE.)  It is awkward and humbling to promote myself, but thankfully, this was Jason's idea and I couldn't be happier with the result. I've been surprised and blown away by the Facebook response already.   You may have seen it at my Colors By Laurie Facebook page, but if not, just click on the image below.  Then if you feel so inclined, please share, pin, post, email or whatever to your friends.  (to share the video, just click the little paper airplane in the upper right hand corner of the video.) 

Thank you for your love, care and prayers.