Little Changes

I LOVE painting, and have many ideas for new watercolors.  I actually just finished another one last night.  I am so happy to have more time in my day to give to my creative side.  Because there's time to think while getting lost in the process, I'm able to think, and dream.  Then sometimes I write out my thoughts

I'd like to do a painting of our old home in Sunland to remind our family of all the great memories.  I'm really enjoying doing ocean/beach themes prompted by our trips to the Central Coast.  I have a few more baby animal paintings in mind too.

Life is Brief


Parents know this, and so do widows.  Before you know it, another year is gone, and opportunities are squandered or embraced.   As I mentioned in the last post, the freedom and time I have been given is precious.  In order to give my self more fully to family, ministry, painting and writing, I've decided to scale back on some parts of my Colors By Laurie artwork, and step away from the greeting cards. 

I will continue to offer commissioned paintings (home portraits, monograms, baby names), and prints for sale, but I'm phasing out the greeting cards.  The cards will be available for a limited time, so if you would like to purchase any, head on over to my shop soon.  There are some fun new sets of four and other good deals while they last.

Loosing Gary reminds me to value the time we've been given.  Hopefully I will spend my allotment well.

"So teach us to number our days, that we may present to You a heart of wisdom."  Psalm 90:12

"A short life is wisely spent."  Charles Spurgeon


Watercolor Journal - A Pebble in the Hand

Small actions end up meaning so much later on.  At the time, I didn’t know how much a few little rocks would mean to me.  Yes, they are pretty, and smooth, and remind me of a special place, but now they speak to me in a much deeper way.  Gary and I collected them at Moonstone Beach during our many visits here.  I’m here again.  This time alone since Gary can no longer leave the house.  It’s hard to leave him, even though I know he is well cared for, but I know he’d say… “GO!  Have Fun!”  So here I am. 


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Last week, in anticipation of being here, I had the pleasurable experience of painting this exact handful of pebbles. 




I stood still for about 20 minutes waiting for this Egret to get this close, and right after this he caught the mouse and took it farther away to dine in private. 

I stood still for about 20 minutes waiting for this Egret to get this close, and right after this he caught the mouse and took it farther away to dine in private. 

I’m here to relax, remember, and make some new memories of my own.  Today, in fact, I explored a new area nearby, and saw something new!  An Egret hunting in a grassy field, and catching a MOUSE if you can believe it!.  I’m so happy I got to see 5 of them when on a walk in the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve.  They were too far away for a good photo, but easy to see in person. 




Gary was so good at noticing the unique things.  One time he’d say, “Let’s collect all GREEN pebbles this time.”  Another it was “Collect pebbles that look like jelly beans.”  Anyway, we did, and over the years have accumulated a few jars of smooth, little rocks.  One time I found all the colors of the rainbow and laid them out on Gary’s handkerchief.  He was also good at finding the perfect flat pebble for skipping too.  I marveled at how many skips he could get out of a throw. 



Why so special?  It was time spent together, marveling at Creation.  God didn’t have to make rocks in various hues, but He did.  He didn’t have to make light with a spectrum of color, but He did.  I’m happy to be here, for the both of us, being able to look at things with fresh eyes, and refreshed for serving again. 

Getting time away for respite looks different for everyone, but Jesus set the example for us long ago.  Let’s all try to find a way to follow in His footsteps. 

“But Jesus Himself would slip away to the wilderness and pray.” Luke 5:16. 

Christmas Cards Are Here!

My parents made their own Christmas Cards the majority of their 61 Christmases together.  I guess that’s one reason I’ve had so much fun painting these 4 wintery scenes, with the intent of making cards to share with all of you. 

Everyone loves Christmas, and for me it is a big celebration of my Savior’s birth!  I’m carrying on the tradition of sharing that encouraging news or a heartfelt greeting in a Christmas Card.

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I have always wanted to paint cardinals.  Wish I could see one up close some day, but will have to travel to where they are!  Their red feathers seem to announce Christmas to everyone!

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The snow covered tree is the one that grew at my parents’ home in Montana.  For the painting, I trimmed it with living ornaments.

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Lamp posts with candles seem so welcoming, and to me represent the warmth of gathering with friends and family.  While creating this painting, I recalled the two lanterns at the gate of our former home.  Gary converted some old light fixtures to gas and hopefully the flames flickered a warm “Welcome.”

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My grandchildren suggested the snowman to complete the set.  He makes me smile, as he silently shouts “Joy to the World.” 

Many of you have inquired about Christmas Cards this year, so it’s with great pleasure that I’m able to share these cards with you. 

Three ways to shop...right here on or my Etsy store, or my Facebook page.

Each card is available as a blank note card with no text on the front as well.  All card insides may be personalized if desired.

One of my parents' cards just for fun...

Designed and Silk Screened in 1957 by Bill and Louise Ransom

Designed and Silk Screened in 1957 by Bill and Louise Ransom