Something Brand New & A Fine Art Giveaway

Behind the Wall


My friend in the Midwest shared some precious photos with me this week.  She kindly said I may share them with you.  On her porch, a little mommy robin has taken up residence in her flower pot.  Evidently she felt it was the perfect secret little place to build her nest.  It is sheltered.  It is warm.  It is safe.  It is home, for now.


I have always loved robins.  They're out and about every Spring and they live everywhere.  They ALWAYS remind me of the "cheeky little beggar" in "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett.  He is the sassy little bird that is present in nearly every chapter.  He is the little orphan girl's very first friend.   He knows the secrets behind the wall, and he leads the way for her to a whole new world.  As the garden comes to life, so do the children who tend it.  This beloved children's classic, was a favorite of our family, and now our grandchildren are reading it too.  If you've never read it, even as an adult, I highly recommend it. 

Come on in!

The original 1911 cover.

The original 1911 cover.

I would like to invite you inside my very own "Secret Garden."  I am excited to open the door for you and show you what's been growing here.  I've been putting together a collection of paintings based on this book and getting the fine art prints ready to share.

The robin inspires me with his industrious little life.  Like most birds, robins are always busy, searching out nesting spots, or gathering twigs.  While they are taking care of their responsibilities, we reap the benefits.  What is more lovely than blue robin eggs tucked into a well built nest?  How about Robin's red feathers contrasted with green grass as he tugs on a worm?

My husband, Gary has early-onset Alzheimer's Disease.  Through watercolor painting, I have found a way to express my love for the beauty around me, bless my husband, and provide visual delights for you to enjoy. Thank you for your support which allows me to stay by Gary's side.  I would be so grateful if you tell your friends as well. 

The "Secret Garden" Collection

Four original watercolor paintings and fine art prints

based on the book, by Francis Hodgson Burnett 

The First  Big News

Along with these original 8 X 10 framed paintings, I'm offering FINE ART PRINTS!  This has been in the works for some time, so I'm thrilled to tell you about it.  You can purchase them framed or unframed.  You can buy a painting, or a print, or a set and each image comes with a journal entry with my thoughts.  These paintings and prints are ready to order.  Clicking on any image will take you to the gallery page for more details.  Or click HERE

The Other Big News!

A Fine Art Print Giveaway from this collection!  Here's how it works... If you win the drawing you choose the 8 X 10 print of choice from this collection.

  1. Leave a comment on this blog, (at the bottom of THIS page where it says COMMENTS) and tell me what subject you would like me to paint next.
  2. The drawing is going to be held on Saturday, May 11, 2013 at 6:00 PM PST. 
  3. I will post the winner's name on a new blog post that night.  The winner will have one week to contact me or I will draw a new name. 


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Like Mary in the story, I am grateful for the friends God has brought into my life.  Thank you for your interest, loyalty and love.  It's a joy to share my world with you.

With Pleasure,