What's in a Name?

I'm a grandma...a happy, proud, privileged grandma.  When our daughters were expecting each bundle of joy, and once a name had been chosen, I began designing a painting for each baby.  These very special, custom paintings are some of my favorite projects ever.  I would love to paint one for you too!  Most people are surprised at some of the details, so I'm going to introduce you to one of these paintings, up close and personal.

THE THEME:  This is the starting point. Because it's going to be displayed on the nursery wall, it should enhance the room decor such as Carnival, Western, Garden, Pirate, Woodland, etc.  THE NAME: The letters in the name are represented by objects which begin with each letter.  THE LITTLE ONE: A little boy or girl will be somewhere in the painting too.  THE MEANING OF THE NAME: I work the meaning of the name into the scene.  This is often the trickiest part because it must support the painting's theme.  THE BIRTH DATE: If the painting is given as a gift AFTER the baby is born, the birth date can also be included in the picture.

The Watercolorful Name paintings are the most complicated and thoughtful paintings I do as I am coordinating all these elements into a treasured family keepsake.  To learn more about ordering click HERE!

If you want to explore these paintings more, I'm having a TREASURE HUNT CONTEST on my Facebook page right now!  It ends Saturday at 6:00 pm.  The prize is 25% off of any item in my shop.  So, head on over to Facebook and look for Colors By Laurie to enter.