"Dad, drive FASTER!"

On a fall evening, in 1973, on Foothill Blvd, west bound near Ocean View Blvd, 2 cars were traveling parallel to each other.  Middle-aged couples were in the respective front seats, and each car, had a young adult passenger in the back seat.  In the left lane, a mustard yellow Cougar, toted a young man, and in the right lane, the sage green Chevy station wagon, toted a young woman.  While stopped at the intersection, the young man began waving, a bit dramatically, trying to get the girl’s attention, who did in fact, notice him.  But not knowing who he was, and thinking him to be too bold, even though attractive, she quickly looked straight ahead, and asked her dad to please drive a little faster, to get beyond this other car. 

I still smile at how we got together.  That happened on a Friday after Gary and I had just been out to dinner with our parents.  Two days later, after evening church let out, Gary came across the foyer straight to me.   “Did you see me Friday night? Waving at you?”…. “Oh, that was YOU!”  I had known him just a little in our College/Career group at church the year before, but I had been gone for the summer, and now, he had his hair combed forward, and looked different.  After a little chat, we ended up with a group of friends sitting together eating strawberry pie at Love’s Restaurant.   I wish I could remember who else was there, but at the time, the only one I was thinking about was Gary Price.  It didn’t take long until we were dating, and we were married a year later.  

He often laughed at himself, and the way he approached me, how humbling it was to be riding in Mom and Dad’s car, and trying to get the attention of a girl.  Though living at home to save some money, and regroup, after the Lord saved him, at age 21, he was now 24 and working as an electrician, planning to get his contractor’s license.  He later told how he had been interested in me for some time, but that’s another story with it’s own humbling incidents. 

I love this man.  He loves me.  I am SO happy that he waved and that I looked back.  But it would have gone no further if he hadn’t been a lover of Jesus.  After that initial, heart flutter and invitation to dessert, it was the faith that Gary had, and the way he would talk about the Lord, and the joyful little notes in his Bible that grew my love for him.  I’ve never met anyone who looked more forward to Jesus’ return.  When we got married, we asked Pastor Travaille, to mention in the ceremony, that our last names had a special meaning.  Pastor T. said “You are Laurie Ransom and Gary Price.  May you always remember the Ransom-Price that Jesus Christ paid for us.” 

Here's a song from our wedding.  Our friends Korla, Mike and Bryan performed it, but I only have a cassette tape of it.  I found it on youtube.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33U8saXFV4E