Watercolor Journals - The Beach

When you visit the beach in Southern California, it  can be hard to find a place to park, both car AND beach towel.  Painting this Monogram for a bride and groom who both love the beach, brought back some great memories for me personally.  For many years our family enjoyed Leo Carillo State Beach, and because it was a bit of a drive and was therefore less crowded. It had something for everyone in our group, including tide pools, big rocks for exploring, surfing, and great sand for sand castles, of course. The nearby campground hosted many fun vacations for us.  I remember one very dark night, while camping, Gary took us over to the beach to lay on the sand and watch a "meteor shower".  The part that makes me smile, was the bus full of teenagers, playing Capture the Flag in the dark, that nearly tripped on us.  Guess it wasn't so uncrowded after all.

As I worked, I began wishing that the future Mr. and Mrs. Pratt would find many happy memories at "their" beach as well.