Bad News - I think not.

Our Walk at Lower Lake Castaic (July 2012)
I received a call from the social worker at the Adult Day Health Care Center yesterday.  Gary attends the program 3 times a week and has been going there for about 2 years.  The sweet voice on the phone apologetically said, "Gary is needing a higher level of care, and we are short handed right now.  I'm sorry but in order for Gary to continue attending, his fees will increase and you'll also need to send a caregiver with him to assist the staff with his care."  Well, as you can imagine, the cost would be prohibitive, because the cost of adding a caregiver to assist in the program would be double what we are paying now, so I let her know that next week will have to be his last week.

Working the gadget board (July 2012)
Yes, I shed a tear, when I hung up the phone.  It makes me sad to be reminded of Gary's decline in health.  The program has been good for him, and I am sorry it has to come to an end. The staff have been very helpful and compassionate towards Gary.  He has never given them any "trouble."  He just needs more help than they can give at present.  But as to this news being "bad" it isn't really.  Many of you know that the ongoing decision making regarding Gary's care is always on my mind.  With any progressive illness, adjustments must be made frequently.  Just when you think you have something all worked out for a while, there must be a change in the schedule, or who is helping, or how many hours, or what kind of exercise routine.

Of late, I've been praying for wisdom regarding stepping up the care, as to what would be best for Gary and I. One of the things I had considered was additional days at the Health Care Center.  Well, as usual, the Lord leads...this time by taking that option off the table completely.  God is working His plan in our lives, and I am looking forward to what that might be.  This trial has been humbling for me as I am again forced to "wait and see" what God wants for us.  There are other options out there, which we will explore, but in the mean time, I will choose joy, and peace.  They are promised to me in abundance, and I am going to relish in the good, loving care of the one true God.

At the workbench (July 2012)
A verse I've been thinking about lately is Ecclesiastes 3:11.  "He has made everything beautiful in its time.  He has also set eternity in their heart without which man will not find out the work which God has done from the beginning even to the end."

God has graciously given me an eternal perspective.  This life is brief in light of "forever" and therefore I can have the pleasure of knowing that life IS beautiful and there is a good work going on here. This momentary "setback" is just a part of the process of bringing about a beautiful plan and we are privileged to be involved.

I'm so grateful for so many of you who keep praying for us.  I desire to know God better and better, and want to keep my mind focused on His great love for us.  Please join with me in praying for me (and all of us) to that end.  Thank you.