Thanks John for the Cup

Gary's long time friend, John, was in town this week for business, and he brought Gary a new coffee mug.  They have enjoyed countless cups of coffee together over the years.  He knows Gary well, and gave him a mug that reflects that.  The handle is big for his fingers, it has a big "bolt" to rest his thumb on, the tools are "raised" so Gary can feel their texture.  It's yellow, like Gary's yellow truck which they worked out of together.

When we receive a gift, we say "Thank you" to the one who gave it.

In order to be a bit more intentional about being thankful..."In everything give thanks; for this God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:18, I've started a "page" to keep an ongoing list as things come to mind.  (Click the tab, to the right, above this post)  I am calling it "Thank you God" because giving thanks implies that you are thanking Someone.  Some things are little, some are big, but we are to be grateful for EVERYTHING, so I hope it inspires all of us, to remember to say thank you to God as we go throughout our day.

So "Thank you, John, for the cup, and thank you, God, for John!"

Hope you all have a wonder-filled day, and remember to say "thank you" to the One who gives all good gifts!