A Few Days Early - A Love Story (orig. post 2/9/13)

As I was leaving on my errands yesterday, Becky and Karl said..."We're going to let Gary rest up this morning, because we want him to be be wide awake for our outing today!"  "Oh, what are you guys going to do?" I asked.  "It's a surprise!" was the answer. 

So, I went on my way.  It was a super busy errand day, and took me 6 hours to get everything done.  I was pretty tired coming home with my car full of groceries.  Walking in, of course Karl unloaded the heavy bags for me as usual, and I gave a quick look at my napping husband, and put the cold things in the fridge.  I sat down to see the photos of the day, which Becky has ready for me when I get home.  She said, "Have you said 'Hi' to Gary yet?  He has something for you."

Back to the other end of the condo, I went, excited to see what on earth it was.  I couldn't imagine. 

Well, see for yourself:


Gary had a card for me, clenched in his hand.  He was asleep, but holding it tight.

It started with a shopping trip to Stater Brothers.  Gary hasn't been inside of a grocery store in over a couple of years, so this was a BIG deal.  (The last time was in Trader Joes.  It was crowded, loud music, the toy train going around, and he actually said to me..."This is hard for me."  I never took him in a grocery store again.)


A Love Story Lily - FOR ME!

Karl picked out some red tulips for Becky and Gary enjoyed feeling the leaves while Karl picked out some corn on the cob.  


The candy by the check out line attracted his attention.  He was always one for the impulse items. 

Gary pushed the cart himself, navigating quite well, with little assistance.  Both Karl and Becky were surprised by this.  


Then when they got home, Becky said she handed Gary a small tipped Sharpie and he very carefully and diligently wrote me a note and signed it 'deliberately'.  (If you could see what he normally does with a pencil, you would see how different and special this is.  He did not chew on it, scribble with it or use it as screwdriver.)  She used my name often throughout the whole morning, and she and Karl were convinced that Gary understood what he was doing, picking out a Valentines flower and card for me.  He was "taking it all in."

Someone recently said to me that it is clear that I truly love my husband.  Yes, it's true ant the last few years have increased that love. 

There was a movie from the 70's called "Love Story"  it had one of the stupidest lines I've ever heard.  "Love means never having to say you're sorry."  Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Love means "We love because He first loved us." 1 John 4:19.  Gary and I love each other because Jesus Christ is the dominating force in our lives.  I am so thankful today.  For Jesus, Gary, and our sweet friends and care givers, Karl and Becky, for making our 2013 Valentines Day so special...a few days early.