Watercolor Journals - Abiding in the Vine

Right before Christmas, I had the privilege of painting this set of watercolors for returning clients.  They had asked if they could write a journal entry about their artwork for the blog.  Of course I said "YES"!  Their kind words are included below.


"This lovely duo was a very special Christmas present for me.  My husband and his mother conspired with Laurie to surprise me as part of our plans to redecorate our living room.  My husband knew of my desire to ‘upgrade’ our current wall decorations with something less pedestrian and more personal.  He commissioned Laurie to create a pair of paintings that would coordinate with our color scheme as well as reflect the heartbeat of our home. Laurie went to great lengths to ascertain our styles, colors and tastes.  She noted the color schemes found throughout the home and the specific colors planned for the living room where the finished art would reside; she even used pictures of our living room to help in her creative thinking.   I couldn’t be more pleased! Laurie’s careful planning and artistic ability resulted in a beautiful pair of paintings that truly echo our heart and soul!"  S.K.

"I looked through Laurie’s previous work to decide on a gift for Stacy.  Particularly striking were her illustrations of vine.  This reminded me of God’s metaphor: Jesus is the Vine and believers are the branches that must abide in the Vine in order to bear fruit. (John 15:5)  Laurie has painted an excellent work by merging the imagery and text of Scripture together that is not only beautiful but aptly illustrates the believers’ fruit found only through belief and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior." J.K.